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Are Nail Polishes gluten free and safe for people with allergies? The nail polish used at the Foot & Ankle Centers contains hydrolyzed wheat protein and is NOT gluten free. However, the chemists who helped formulate the products agree that the amount of wheat protein contained in the polish should not affect those with allergies. Our nail polishes are toxic-free, so they don't contain harmful chemicals found in common nail polishes. We recommend patients speak directly with an allergist before starting with any new, enriched cosmetics. With sandal weather on its way, call today to reserve your spot at our Foot Spa! While you're here, check out our trendy orthotic sandal options. They're so attractive that no one will even know they're orthotics....well, no one other than your feet - your feet will THANK you!
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That doesn't look like Dr. Rappette.  Let's look a little closer.  I see the "Foot & Ankle Centers" logo next to the tire.  But who is this unmasked man?  Why it's Kevin Snowberger, recipient of the Foot & Ankle's recent sponsorship, getting ready for his next stock car race.  Want to see Kevin race?  You'll find him each Saturday (weather-permitting) at 7:30pm, at the LaSalle Speedway.  And Kevin, if anything happens to your transportation, don't forget you always have your FEET to carry you!  Thanks for allowing us to sponsor you, best of luck in the race, and we hope to see you teaching Dr. Rappette and Dr. Bishop a few of your speed demon tricks soon.

WE PUT YOUR FEET FIRST at the Foot & Ankle Centers!

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By Ann M
April 05, 2013
Category: Medical Pedicures

With Mother's Day only a month away, stop in for a Gift Certificate toward our
Medical Pedicures
so Mom and Grandma will be pampered in a safe, sterile and relaxing private room
where our tools are sterilized and even our anti-bacterial nail polish is not used from one patient to the next.
What could be a nicer gift?