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This 20/20 news bulletin explains why sterile salons like our Medical Foot Spa
are so important to your health:

Here at the Foot & Ankle Centers Medical Foot Spa,
we practice the same sterilization techniques that we use for surgical procedures.
Our autoclave, the chamber (pictured above) kills all bacteria,
viruses and fungus and sterilizes our metal instruments.  
Disposable items are thrown away.  Even our nail polish
will not be used one patient to the next.

By Ann M
October 28, 2014
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Bears Season can mean colorful casts.
We can help you with broken bones and team spirit at the same time!

Don't put off that nagging foot or ankle problem any longer.
Our doctors enjoy helping our patients get back on their feet....
we promise your visit will be as painless as possible.

Check our "Patient Testimonials" on this page
- and see what our patients are saying!

By Ann M
October 21, 2014
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Our thoughts and prayers go out to all
grandmothers, mothers, daughters, aunts, wives, children and families who have been affected by this disease.
Here's to finding a cure!

By Ann M
October 07, 2014
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From left to right:  Peggy, Christina, Liz, Tiffany, Michelle (and baby) and Deb
(big welcome to Deb, our newest girl)!

One of our staff is trying to get credit for being in the picture

but was actually the picture-taker.  

Can you guess who?