Offering hope to children in need, are Dr. Paul Bishop and surgeons from the Chicago Lower Extremity Surgical Foundation (CLESF) and doctors of Guadalajara, Mexico in conjunction with the Walk-Run-Dream Foundation medical mission in Guadalajara, Mexico at Lombardo Hospital.

The successful endeavor provided several children with severe deformities, the opportunity to change their lives by receiving complex surgery at no cost. When these families thought their only option was amputation, hope was given when there was none.

Dr. Bishop embarks on three or more mission trips per year, treating children in grave need of congenital deformity correction. Dr. Bishop visited Shriners Hospital for Children in Mexico City earlier this year and contributed his talent, skill, knowledge and time to children and surgeons in need...all PRO BONO!  Sharing his thoughts, Dr. Bishop reflected stating, "Being able to provide care to kids whom wouldn't normally get it, is the best reward." 

We are appreciative and proud of Dr. Bishop for his selfless acts and having a heart for helping others.  For more inspiring pictures of his experiences, "Like" us on Facebook at the page "Foot & Ankle Centers."

Thank you, Dr. Bishop for all you do!