By Ann M
December 27, 2012
Category: Winter Ice
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Now that freezing temperatures are here, injuries from ice-related falls are inevitable.  But are they serious enough to see a doctor?  The best answer is:  always check with your doctor as soon as possible.  Since falls on icy surfaces often cause ankle sprains and fractures, and even a minor fracture or sprain can worsen the injury and lead to chronic pain, it's very important to seek treatment right away.  

Several factors make falls on ice more dangerous than falls on warm-weather surfaces.  Due to its slippery nature, ice actually speeds up a fall.  That speed, combined with the fact that the foot can go in any direction while slipping, can cause more severe trauma than a fall on a surface without ice.  Often during the holidays we are in a rush to get to our family and business gatherings, and after a fall we make the mistake of thinking that because we are able to walk away, we don't need medical attention.  Putting weight on the injury will almost always make things worse.  And though the RICE principle (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) is better than walking, it should only be followed until medical care is available.

In the event that the unavoidable happens, remember us here at the Foot & Ankle Centers where Dr. Bishop and Dr. Rappette are available for all of your foot and ankle needs.  Until then, play it safe, slow down, stay off the ice and most of all:


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