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Check out this athlete participating in Club 47's recent Triathlon in Yorkville, Illinois.
  Can you figure out how he is related to our practice?
Sign up for one of the next challenges on February 23rd or March 23rd,
and maybe you will see him there.

We will also be watching for Club 47's Fall Series tentatively beginning in October.
  Thanks, Club 47, for bringing these challenges
so close to home!! 

Foot & Ankle Centers

Yorkville ~ 
630-553-9300     Morris ~ 815-942-9050     Sandwich ~ 815-786-9451

Meet our doctors!
Dr. Bishop and Dr. Rappette are board-certified foot surgeons who have been in practice since 1996.  Dr. Bishop has special interests in foot and ankle reconstruction, wound care, joint replacement and adult sports injuries. He is a lecturer on complex diabetic infections and diabetic wound limb salvage.  Dr. Rappette has extensive training in pediatric and adult flatfoot surgery, sports medicine, diabetic limb salvage and wound care. His special interests are in pediatric flatfoot reconstruction, sports medicine and adult foot and ankle pathology. Our patients range in age from infants to adults.  

That doesn't look like Dr. Rappette.  Let's look a little closer.  I see the "Foot & Ankle Centers" logo next to the tire.  But who is this unmasked man?  Why it's Kevin Snowberger, recipient of the Foot & Ankle's recent sponsorship, getting ready for his next stock car race.  Want to see Kevin race?  You'll find him each Saturday (weather-permitting) at 7:30pm, at the LaSalle Speedway.  And Kevin, if anything happens to your transportation, don't forget you always have your FEET to carry you!  Thanks for allowing us to sponsor you, best of luck in the race, and we hope to see you teaching Dr. Rappette and Dr. Bishop a few of your speed demon tricks soon.

WE PUT YOUR FEET FIRST at the Foot & Ankle Centers!

Yorkville ~ 630-553-9300          Morris ~ 815-942-9050          Sandwich ~ 815-786-9451