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The sooner you get started, the more likely your toes will be ready to
show off in the summertime!

Our laser treatment is FDA approved, safer than oral medications, done right in our office
and extremely effective - but - it does take time for your nail to grow out after treatment,
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By Ann M
January 02, 2013
Category: Laser Treatment
Tags: Nail Fungus   Warts   Laser Treatment  

Laser treatment of nail fungus and warts is now available here at the Foot & Ankle Centers.  Many people suffer from unsightly toenails caused by a fungus.  Unlike oral medications that can affect liver and/or kidney function, laser treatment offers a safe and effective way to treat these nails.  This simple and pain-free procedure is FDA approved and done conveniently in our office.  A consultation with the doctor will tell you if this treatment option is right for you.  Make your appointment now, and get your feet in shape in time for Spring!

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