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This 20/20 news bulletin explains why sterile salons like our Medical Foot Spa
are so important to your health:

Here at the Foot & Ankle Centers Medical Foot Spa,
we practice the same sterilization techniques that we use for surgical procedures.
Our autoclave, the chamber (pictured above) kills all bacteria,
viruses and fungus and sterilizes our metal instruments.  
Disposable items are thrown away.  Even our nail polish
will not be used one patient to the next.

A special thanks to the graphic department at Tribune Media Group!


By Ann M
April 24, 2014
Category: Medical Pedicures
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Here you won't wonder if the customer before you had a foot fungus, warts or other contagious foot condition
- because ALL of our non-disposable instruments are sterlized
just like during our surgical procedures.

 Even our nail polish is not used one patient to the next.
Because our Medical Nail Technician did her internship under our Dr. Bishop,
you can rest assured she is our very best!

Call today to get your feet ready for SANDAL weather!

Discover our doctor-formulated nail polish, a healthier alternative to traditional nail polishes.

                                    What's NOT inside:
                                    No Formaldehyde - a chemical that's been proven to cause cancer
                                    No DBP - a potential developmental and reproductive toxin that may cause birth defects
                                    and is banned in Europe.
                                    No Toulene - a chemical that the EPA restricts in our drinking water; it can cause nervous
                                    system disorders and 
damage to the liver and kidneys

                                    What's Inside:
                                    Tea Tree Oil & Garlic Bulb Extract - ingredients which naturally occurring anti-fungal and
                                    Vitamins C & E - organic compounds for healthier, stronger looking skin and nails
                                    Wheat Protein - protein which contains amino acids to naturally increase shine 

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