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By Ann M
January 21, 2015
Category: Medical Pedicures

Neglected winter feet?
Step into our Foot Spa, take off your shoes and socks and get ready to be pampered.
Why risk catching nail fungus, warts, or athletes foot from the person before you at unregulated salons?
Our doctors' office is he
ld to a high standard to eliminate risk of infection.
Our medical nail technician sterilizes all non-disposables and NEVER uses nail polish one patient to the next.


Call to reserve your spot today!

Yorkville ~ 630-553-9300        Morris ~ 815-942-9050        Sandwich ~ 815-786-9451

FREE $10 Add-On Service

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now until Mother's Day!

By Ann M
May 14, 2013
Category: Senior Fair

Join us at this local event in SANDWICH and register to win an Ultimate Medical Pedicure!
Our Ultimate Medical Pedicure includes:  Comprehensive foot health assessment, Check pulses and capillary return, Debridement of nails, Debridement of calluses, Hot Foot Mitts & Hot towels, Mini hand massage, Pediceutical cuticle treatment, Exfoliation scrub, Pediceutical callus treatment, Nourishing & hydrating lotion with foot and leg massage, Dr.'s Remedy Anti-fungal & anti-bacterial polish and Paraffin wax treatment.  Need more information or want to
meet our Medical Nail Technician in person?
  Tomorrow's your chance, so come on out and join us in SANDWICH!

Katie Couric recently reported, "The average person takes 10,000 steps a day. That is 115,000 miles in a lifetime, enough to circle the globe four times. "  WOW!  To find out more about Katie's report on what your feet say about your health, click here: 

Since this is a lot to ask of our feet, don't neglect them and do call our office to schedule a foot assessment or to try our new Medical Pedicures!

Yorkville ~ 630-553-9300     Morris ~ 815-942-9050     Sandwich ~ 815-786-9451