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By Ann M
February 06, 2015
Category: Ingrown Toenails

An ingrown toenail is one that curves into the skin, may break the skin and lead to painful, dangerous infections.  Too often tight shoes, tight socks and incorrect nail trimming are to blame, but in some cases heredity also plays a part in our nails’ tendency to curve.

1) teach children from a young age to trim their toenails properly, in a straight line, not too short
2) make sure shoes fit properly with width being most important
3) reduce inflammation by soaki
ng in room-temperature water and gently massaging the side of the nail fold
4) see a foot doctor (podiatrist) right away
5) never dig the nail out or cut it off, as this “bathroom surgery” carries a high risk of infection

At the Foot & Ankle Centers, our doctors perform a minor surgical procedure in the comfort of our doctors’ office, in most cases the same day as the initial visit. You will be able to walk out of our office better than you walked in.

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