Medical Nail Spa provides natural, clean nail care combining by a Certified Advanced & Medical Nail Technician (MNT) or a highly trained Nail Technician all state-licensed. Med Foot Spa provides aesthetically pleasing pedicures & manicures combining Medical Expertise with Professional salon experience.

Why us?

Our doctors have always been concerned with infections they treat due to poor sanitation control in other settings. We practice the same sterilization techniques our doctors use for their surgical instruments and procedures, including autoclaving all instruments. Non-Autoclavable items are all one time use and disposable. Our water foot spa uses a single-use disposable liner with no magnet to sanitize. Sit back relax and enjoy a clean, natural pedicure/ manicure.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing all our clients with the highest quality services with the highest professional quality products!

Dr. Remedy Enriched Nail Care polish is vegan, created by foot doctors, infused with organic natural ingredients and our spa uses a single-use brush to apply to prevent cross-contamination.

Footlogix - the first and only pediceutical mousse foot care line, with dermal infusion technology to penetrate the skin and hydrate. Safe for diabetics, free of oils and fragrances.